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I must admit, at the first mention of a Saturday evening service I was not one of those to be particularly excited about the idea, and so on this particular evening/night as we had this planning meeting for our bible study, I was among those who kept pushing it to be the last item on the agenda almost willing the idea to disappear into oblivion. It was a huge deal, a big idea and not to be taken lightly. However, like any good idea it didn’t just disappear it was seen to fruition and I am glad I didn’t stop it from happening. It has been a year-I think since that meeting and with a couple of months of the service under our belt I took some time to jot down what I enjoy most about The Saturday PM.

By Gods amazing grace I have not missed even one of the Saturday pm services. I know Saturday is one of those days filled with errands from here to Timbuktu not to mention weddings and sometimes they end pretty late but the one thing that has always motivated my coming for the service is the relaxed ambiance that I am sure to find. After a long busy Saturday, I can come to church and rest in the presence of God and His super amazing people. Church, for me has always been that place I go to and feel ‘safe’ after a week of being beaten down by life; this feeling has multiplied several times since we began the service. I look forward to fellowship and I look forward to the teaching of God’s word and I look forward to finding rest in the Lords presence. It is that restful deep sigh that comes at the end of the week and I love it.

I realize that many who come for the service are new and don’t exactly get that ‘homey’ vibe, but that is another thing that I love about the service. The fact that you are bound to meet either a totally new person that you have never met or someone you knew from way back when like primary school or something.

The below experience has happened to me twice in the service and I keep looking forward to it happening again.
So random friend X has invited his friend Y(we’ll call her faith )for the Saturday PM, only problem is that he’s serving as an usher and so can’t play host and so he needs to call for reinforcement in the name of Juliet.

Friend X: Juliet, you see that chick over there… please go talk to her, make her feel at home cause I can’t, I am glued to this door.
Juliet: Yeah sure. What’s her name?
Friend X: Faith, she’s a friend from Campus.
So I very happily strut down towards her with a brilliant idea forming on my mind. I reach her with a big smile and a very excited voice.
Me: Hi Faith!!!How are you? How have you been?
Faith (a bit startled): Great! (You can sense nervousness in her voice)
She gets up gives me a huge hug, the kind you give when you meet your best friend from primary school in town who you’ve not seen for fifteen years.
Faith: it has been ages! What have you been up to?
(Ages!!! No… Faith we have just met) this is what I am thinking.
Me: Oh nothing much…. I hear you are a lawyer these days, how is that working out?(Friend X mentioned they were classmates)
Faith: Yes…yes I am but I am actually thinking moving away from law. Did you go for Angie’s wedding?
Angie? Who’s Angie? That’s when I realize that I can’t keep this up and I need to come clean.
Me: So you see that guy over there (pointing to friend X) he sent me here to keep you company.
Faith (with an embarrassed laugh): Oh my goodness… here I was feeling guilty that I don’t remember you.
Yes I noticed, that you didn’t say my name even once.
Faith: but you really look like one of my classmates from primo or high school, I was sure I knew you from somewhere at least….
And so we laugh about it, and we become best of friends from then on… okay maybe not best of friends but she will always remember that crazy girl who ambushed her at The Saturday PM and she will laugh about it. I on the other hand go to sleep happy and thinking how brilliantly wacky I am with another good deed under my belt.

And finally, at The Saturday PM we have had the privilege of having some amazing teachers come and share with us what they know best-the bible. It is our prayer that lives will be changed by the continuous and constant teaching of the word of God and this far it has been super amazing. Personally I have loved Pastor Calisto’s teachings. As our senior pastor he has really been rooting for The Saturday PM, giving us a vision that is bigger than what we had even considered. His rich experience in ministry and great understanding of the bible make his teachings something that you want to listen to. Total awesomeness.

What about you? Have you come The Saturday PM before? What do you like? What don't you like? What is the one question you feel has been answered for you this far?See that comment section below? Take a minute and tell us what Your Saturday PM looks like and stand a chance to win and amazing gift courtesy of The Saturday PM.

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