Date a girl who prays

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Date a girl who prays

I started the year by watching the movie ‘War room’ with some good friends from my bible study [Shout out #TeamWarRoom!] I know it was a couple of months later than most Nairobians, but it happened to be God’s perfect timing as it intuitively set the pace for what was to be the focal point for 2016-my prayer life.

As the ‘’season of love’’ approaches, I was musing over what prayer and Valentine’s Day have in common and I was inspired by this old post that I had read a couple of years back to jot this down:


Date a girl who prays because she has dealt with the beasts from her past in the presence of her God. She has been fighting in her war room and she’s got the battle scars to prove it, laugh it off when she starts talking about her darkened knees because you know that means she’s been doing a lot of kneeling before her maker. She understands that the best place to throw her baggage is at the feet of Jesus and not in your face.

Date a girl who prays because even though her measly muscles are no match for the Nairobi bandits, you know that she will fight for you in the realms that matter the most because 2Corinthians 10:14. It might get a little crazy sometimes because she’s stepped on a couple of demon toes knowingly and unknowingly…they probably know her name too because of all the havoc she’s caused where they come from. Stand strong though, because she comes from a long line of fighters, her Father is a Warrior too, and you will soon find out that He always wins His wars.

Look for a girl who prays: you will see her in the church service lifting her hands in worship and prayer despite her chipped red nail polish. Sometimes a tear will be dropping down her face, sometimes she’ll be calm in wonder, other times she’ll be weeping uncontrollably and even though you will instinctively roll your eyes and think ‘’Women!’’, at the back of your head, you will know that she is probably having the best ‘’other-worldly’’ experience any human can enjoy.

You will be cruising down Aga Khan walk one early evening, and she will hear the church at Nairobi Cinema praying, she will want to go in and join them; and even though you’d much rather get ice-cream at Coldstone, you will go in with her because you love that she understands where her treasure is.

Find a girl who prays, she’s the one hunched over a bible, scribbling and staining it because she understands that prayer is not a one-sided conversation and she wants to know what the good Lord wants to tell her for that day. Buy her prayer journals and lots of book marks for her bible; celebrate her answered prayers with her, because she’s learnt to keep a book of remembrance-she takes note of every time God comes through; it helps her never to forget that her God is always faithful

It is difficult to date a girl who prays; sometimes she will prefer to be with God rather than to be with you; nonetheless, pursue her- because you know that it’s much more important that God be #1 in her heart…and anyway it would be rather foolish of you to try and fight God for her attention, no? Sometimes she’ll be led to go on a 40 day fast just when you had made reservations to that fancy restaurant you wanted to try out. Don’t give up, because you know that she has learnt to deny herself and that might just come in handy when your pockets are not so friendly.

She probably has a stubborn streak, she might not let an argument go if she hasn't won it. Be patient with her, she picked that from her persistence in the place of prayer. Her experience has taught her never to give up on a prayer issue until something about it changes and somehow that has translated into all other aspects of who she is. It's not such a terrible thing anyways, at least you know she's not one to up and quit when things get difficult.

Date a girl who prays because like Esther of old, a girl who prays can commandeer the fate of an entire nation. How’s that for a future wife, eh? On that note, don’t mess with a girl who prays or the heavens might come down heavy upon you.

Date a girl who prays; you’ll meet her early Saturday morning in a matatu on her way home; but no, her breathe will be alcohol free and she’ll probably be warmly covered. If she pays you notice, say hallo and ask her how her night was. Pay attention as she fills you with details of the Holy Ghost party that she has just left and the word that God put in her heart as she spent the entire night at a prayer service. Smile when she tells you how difficult it was to stay awake, but most importantly get her number because you know that, all the girls in the world are no match for the girl who prays.



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