Conversation with the Rabbi (Part 1)

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The evening light came from the overbearing moon and illuminated his way; he walked hurriedly as he held up his robe around his waist. His sandals made a tapping sound on the ground completely refusing to cooperate with his plans to be incognito. He didn't want any one to know where he was going, and he was rather pleased with how he’d managed to sneak out without his wife's notice.

She would have had a gazillion questions for him. She knew this wasn't one of the evenings the Sanhedrin met; she wouldn't have taken it easy. He loved his wife Susanna but her nagging really got him in a foul mood. It's a shame there's no solution to the nagging wife given in the proverbial scrolls. He still had to hope he could sneak back in unnoticed but he didn't want to think about that now. 

He was headed to the fishermans house; Jona. Nicodemus had heard that the infamous teacher was dinning in Jona’s house tonight and he had to take advantage of this opportunity. From what he'd heard about him it seemed he moved around a lot. It was impossible to tell when he'd be in town next: so on he walked to the fisherman's house.

When he could see the house clearly he hid himself behind a sycamore tree. He had to be sure no one saw him lest word got back to the Sanhedrin about his scandalous escaped. Leaning on the tree, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"What can I do for you teacher?"

Startled, Nicodemus opened his eyes to a rugged young man, slender and inclining to tallness. It was dark but Nicodemus could see that his complexion was pale (almost white.) The man wore a short, thick, curled beard and unusually thin eyebrows. His eyes were big and red as if he had been weeping.

Although he had last seen him when he was knee-high Nicodemus recognized Shimon almost immediately. There were rumors that Jona's son had banded together with other men of his trade to follow the Rabbi. Nicodemus believed those rumors.

‘I ... I want to see this man...  this man Yeshua. They say he is dining with you tonight.’

‘What does that have to do with you? What does a man of your standing want to do with Yeshua?’

 That was the question. The question that Nicodemus had been trying to answer for himself. There was no doubt that the young Rabbi had piqued his interest, not just his, but some of the other members of the Sanhedrin as well; none of them was going to admit it though. They heard about some of the things he had been doing among the Jews and the heathens too if the stories going round were true. That the demons headed to his voice, that he raised the dead and just the other day he had about how the Rabbi had turned the temple upside down. Suzanna had witnessed it, she told him all about it. The audacity, the authority; it was then that he decided that he had to meet him.

‘Teacher?’ Nicodemus had for a moment been carried away by his thoughts, he’d forgotten that Shimon was still there.

‘I must…must see him’ he stammered ‘…I have a message for him.’

Even though Shimon still eyed him suspiciously, he led him towards the house.

They got to the staircase on the side of the house where Shimon grabbed his arms and said.

‘Go and wait up there, I will let the Rabbi know that you are here to see him.’

On the rooftop, the wind was stronger, it blew in sturdy gusts almost bringing him to his knees. He grabbed his headdress closer to himself as he said a prayer for anyone caught at sea this windy night. He walked to the corner of the rooftop and with his back to the staircase he looked into the dark windy night and tried to imagine what the hour had in store for him.

Almost without warning, the wind dropped and Nicodemus instinctively felt a presence had joined him. He turned around in time to hear the sound of his name, the sound was soft and it echoed in the air.

The man who said his name stood at the edge of the stairs, his eyes, which held both a curious and knowing nature caught the old man’s attention. Nicodemus suddenly felt transparent, he tried to move but his feet betrayed him. The Rabbi stood still, he wore a white robe girdled around his waist. His head was uncovered revealing his dark mane that had streaks of white hair and his mouth held a hidden smile that encouraged Nicodemus to move towards him. There was really nothing outstanding about his appearance Nicodemus thought, but of one thing he was certain, the conversation that he was about to have with this Rabbi was not going to leave him the same. And that was a thought that scared him.

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