To love God.

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To love God.

In high school on each Valentine’s Day we presented flowers to our teachers. The proper phrase for the routine would be ‘gave flowers’ rather than ‘presented flowers’. Present sounds real elaborate; music, candles, deep red rose, the works hehe. So the act of giving flowers involved collecting a few blooms of the bougainvillea flower, tying it with a string and storing it in undisclosed location. As soon as the teacher was spotted leaving the staffroom one gallant girl would place the bouquet on the teacher’s desk. The rest of the students would sit back in anticipation of the teacher’s reaction to the bouquet.

Most female teachers walked in smiled at the sight of the flowers and expressed gratitude. A few male teachers handed the flowers blue ticks and then proceeded with the lesson hehe. The more serious teachers took a few minutes off the lesson and gave us a talk on the ‘dangers of not studying hard’, or better still a talk on the general hardships of life hehe. This would not stop us the next year because let’s be honest we all need some love.

Love comes naturally to us, that’s why a baby will drool all over us and we will still love him/her. Or why as kids we took people at their word. As we grew older we had encounters that left hurt and slowly came to the realization that we can’t trust too much. To protect ourselves we built walls around us, walls we also don’t know how to break down. We talked less about our endeavors lest information fell into the wrong ears. We dealt cautiously with all and sundry.

All these acts of self-protection are justified in some ways but then how do we trust God and cede control of our lives to him?

Thank God he has shown himself true and faithful. His goodness and mercy endures forever. On several occasions we will fail even as we try to please him. We will want to help him forgetting he is God all alone, we will feel confident in our strength and forget he’s all powerful. On somedays we will be angry at him for not doing things our way forgetting his ways are higher than our ways and that his thoughts higher than our thoughts.  We might even feel like he’s being unfair with us forgetting his word that tells us no good thing will he withhold from those who walk upright.

As a nation we will go astray worshipping our tribal gods, still he will remind us in his word that righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a disgrace to any people. He will still want us to turn back to him when we hear his voice. He will want for us not to harden our hearts when we hear his voice.

Time and time again he reminds us he’s our good good father. One who will not let us be tempted more than we can bear. A father who tells us to come to him we who labor and he promises to give us rest. A father who is a king, one who created everything and it was very good.

We have come to the Lord who notices when a hair falls off our heads, who has our names engraved on his palm. When we feel like we don’t matter he still sees us as his master pieces. In his eyes we are not mistakes.  The Lord had plans over our lives long before we ever showed up. Just as he ensured Moses and Aaron came from the tribe of Levi so they could lead the Israelites to worship him in the desert.

Even in rebellion God waits for us to turn back to him. Remember the prodigal son, the parable of the lost coin and lost sheep. We are never too far gone for God. He’s able to turn around situations we have written off. He’s God who speaks to dry bones and they come back to life.

This is the Lord we have come to love, the God who wants us to run to his embrace because nothing compares to it.

On this day may we fall in love with one who is true in all his dealings with us.

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