A Lament for those who wait

Written by On Monday, 17 February 2020 13:20
A Lament for those who wait

I have been doing what seems like seating here waiting for the lights to change.

Counting blinks and breathes.

Hoping and praying every second, every minute that you would come and that you would move.

It has been silent, the lights are still red and am still here.

Here in this place where I thought I would never be, didn’t want to be

And the waiting room, this space of waiting has been stifling wanting an answer, I moved from wanting a yes to just wanting any answer so I could move, turn back or go forward.

But am still here. And where are you?

As I take each breathe as I count each second

Where are you?

Are you in-different to my pain?

Ears closed to by desperate pleas?

Do you hear?

Do you care?


I know the number of stars in the sky

The number of hairs on your head

Your name is written on the palm of my hand

I know the plans I have for you

Plans to prosper you not harm you


I hear you whisper and I sniffle

But am still here

Here in this place

This place that seems broken

And I want you to move

To move me now

Or to tell me when

To give me an assurance

That I will not be here forever

That after a finite period of time

You will come

And we will go


I am here

I will never leave you nor forsake you

Cast your burdens upon me

For I care for you

Be strong take heart

Trust in me with all  your heart

Lean not on your own understanding

In all your ways acknowledge me

And I will make your path straight


When Lord, How Lord?

Now Lord?

When will you make my paths straight?


I will make your path straight

Keep your mind on things above

I will keep you in perfect peace

Just keep your mind stayed on me


Help me Lord

Help me see you Lord

Be here Lord

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