Acts 3:11-4:31 God Dots

Speaker: Rev. Lynn Khols
On Saturday, 13th October 2018

Acts 3 1-10 Such As I Have

Speaker: Bro. Peter Kamero
On Saturday, 6th October 2018

Acts 2 Part 2 - Transformed

Speaker: Pastor Pinto Kali
On Sunday, 30th September 2018

Acts 2 Part 1 - Transformed

Speaker: Pastor Pinto Kali
On Saturday, 22nd September 2018

Acts 1 Part 2

Speaker: Pastor Tatenda Chikwekwe
On Saturday, 15th September 2018

Acts 1 Part 1

Speaker: Pst Tatenda Chikwekwe
On Saturday, 8th September 2018

The Book of Acts Overview

Speaker: Rev. Philip Eapen
On Saturday, 1st September 2018

Luke 24:13-52 - Grave to Glory

Speaker: Pastor John Musyimi
On Saturday, 4th August 2018
On Saturday, 28th July 2018

Luke 23:26-49 - The Sacrificial Lamb

Speaker: Pastor Kyama Mugambi
On Saturday, 21st July 2018


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