Read this if you struggle with consistency in your time with God

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Read this if you struggle with consistency in your time with God
We know that we ought to. 
From the point of salvation, the exhortation is always to read your Bible and Pray every day.
For the most part we have the best of intentions but many times we slack in this area and I have personally had many conversations with friends on how to be consistent and regular with our time with God. If you are in this space, here are some thoughts and ideas that can help you.
The first thing you should tackle is your mindset and attitude towards spending time with God in word, prayer worship etc. The idea that we walked into a relationship with God should help us to look at time spent with Him like time spent with a loved one. We will long for Him and even miss Him when we have not had adequate time with Him. Secondly, understanding that we have spent a lot of time on earth developing our physical bodies and our souls and not our spirits should help us understand why we are quick to respond to what our bodies, emotions and untransformed will tells us instead of what our spirit-man needs. Watch this video for more on this.
Pray for hunger for his word
You know, building a relationship with God was His big idea, right? He wants it to happen more than you do. There are many prayers we make that we are not sure if they're God's will for us BUT this is one of those that you do not need to think twice about. He will answer you.
Have a plan
This helps to eliminate decision making every-time you sit to study the Bible. Decision making can be a time waster and a psyche killer. Have a plan for what you are studying, how you are going to study, what you will use to study i.e. your tools and where you are going to study and talk to God from.
Look for accountability
Find someone to check in with every day or every week or whichever period of time you choose to. We use accountability partners for many activities that requires diligence from us. Find one for this part of your life as well.
Share what you are learning
Find someone or a platform to share what you are learning. Create more room to hear and learn from God by offloading what God has deposited into your spirit. This could online or offline, it could be with strangers or with close friends and family. This is one of those things that has always worked for me
Deal with distractions
What are those things that take away your attention whenever it is time for God? Write them down and have a plan for dealing with them. They won't go away because you wish them away. Deal with them head on. Is it people? Is it your phone? Find it and deal with it.
Consider this quote from Phylicia Masonheimer about dilligence.
You can train yourself to choose diligence. You can pursue your call to honor God with your time. It’s a process; a journey. We don’t ever arrive. But as you make the pursuit of diligence a life habit, all aspects of your life work together for God’s glory. Your spiritual focus affects your goals. Your goals affect your time management. Your time management affects your attitude, your freedom, and your accomplishments. When you bring your spirit in line with God’s, laziness becomes the harder choice – because there’s more to lose.
Are these helpful pointers? Will you be implementing any of them?

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