How to Study the Bible: Four podcasts you should listen to

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How to Study the Bible: Four podcasts you should listen to

Podcasts have become a great way for many of us to learn and grow, and while there are many great Christian podcasts out there, I narrowed down on these that specifically have content on how to handle/study the Bible. There are plenty of Bible Study tips and tricks from amazing people in this list and they are available wherever you get your podcast fix. The sub headings will direct you to the podcasts.

This one has to be #1 for me 
Most people know about the Bible Project videos and I am always recommended them to people. But, to be honest, the podcast is where the magic really happens. Before these amazing videos are created and designed, Tim Mackie and Jon Collins the founders of the Bible Project talk through the back story of the videos in some podcast episodes. So, most of the episodes are longer versions of the videos and then more...I personally love the Bible Project for helping me see the connected story of the entire Bible and for great tips on how to do Word Studies. Additionally through the podcast, you will meet the mind and the passion of the creators of the Bible Project.
Phylicia Masonheimer woman is an amazing Bible teacher with a brilliant mind. If you are going to listen to her, go with pen and paper. She goes deep. More specifically, it is her second season of the podcast that went in on the many reasons we can trust the validity of the Bible from the Torah to Apocrypha. She also deals with Bible Translation history, with specific reference to KJV and has additional Bible Study tips.
This is the most recent in my podcast recommendations. Hosted by Nancy Guthrie the podcast interviews the best of Bible teachers across the globe and covers different aspects on Bible study and Bible teaching. One of the ways I learned how to handle the Bible was by paying attention to what the Bible teacher says without saying especially during Saturday PM. The "how" of connecting scripture and the tools they use to study is what I pay attention to. This is not just a podcast for pastors...the vision of the podcast was to help lay people like you and me learn how to study and teach the Bible. I also like the podcast because of the specific attention to the Book by Book study tips.
Nicole Unice, a Bible teacher hosts this podcast, In the first eight episodes, she brings life back to reading the Bible by walking listeners through her Alive Method of Bible study, helping you to personally encounter God through his Word by giving a practical, clear road map for understanding, interpreting and applying Scripture to your life.
Which of these have you listened to? Which others can you add to this list? Share a link in the comment section so that we can all benefit from them.

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