Date a guy who prays

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Date a guy who prays

I know people who respond to Valentine’s Day with a gag or by burying their heads in the sand and coming out of hiding after three days. Don’t fret my friend, this could be the year that God leads you to that special person. This post together with what you’re going to read down here might be God’s way of helping you identify the wheat from the chaff…so to speak. By now I want to assume that we know not to be unequally yoked but more than that we need to look for partners who have an intimate walk with God. Ladies, you might want to find a guy that prays. Here’s why

Date a guy who prays because it means that he understands that he is not the beginning and the end of everything. He has learnt to rely on the wisdom of God and not his ‘’macho’’ tendencies. He is able to lay down his strength and knowledge for that which God has for him. If he knows how to be led by God ,he will know how to lead you.
 Date a guy who prays because he is more interested in flexing his spiritual muscles than his physical ones. He is concerned with heavenly gains more than his body gains and is more focused on spiritual training than strength training. He will be the one boasting more about what God has taught him than how many more plates he was able to add to his weight training. He may not always be able to fight off Nairobi crooks but our battle is not against flesh and blood now is it?
Look for a guy who prays, you will see him during worship. He will be standing awkwardly, tightlipped and unsure of what to do with his hands. Most of the time he will find it difficult to express himself so he will prefer to mumble under his breathe. Other times he will be on his knees, next to a chair with his head covered in his hands, blocking out his surroundings. You might hear him crying out or praying loudly but girl, don’t judge his masculinity on that because it’s true what they say. A man will win all the battles he fights on his knees.
Date a guy who prays because like Joshua of old, a guy who prays can cause the sun to stand still and the moon to stop. Like Jeremiah, a guy who prays can call for a drought and ask the rains to come. How’s that for a superhero? A guy who prays can give all the Marvel superheroes a run for their money. Hello Black Panther, step aside.
You might need a little patience to date a guy who prays. He might not be as fast with his words or his plans and he might not be all about ‘’turning up’’ or going to ‘lit’ parties. Understand that it is also difficult to be him, he may want to show you a ‘’good’’ time, but like his Father, he’ll also be keen on leading you in paths of righteousness. Sometimes this means a prayer meeting here or a bible study there. Be patient, it will be worth your while to know that he takes his direction from God and not from men.
It’s difficult to date a guy who prays. After you have gone out of your way to surprise him with a romantic dinner, you might the one surprised when he says he’s on a 40 day fast. Don’t be mad, be happy that he is able to tame his appetite. That discipline will translate to other areas of his life.
It might stretch you to date a guy who prays. He will talk to you about grand plans and big dreams. Don’t be that girl who puts him down, who says it’s impossible or can’t be done. You should know it’s not his fault, his Father gives him those big dreams because He is a big God with big plans for the guy who prays. Instead, be the encouragement that he needs, the support that will help him achieve those grand plans.
A man who prays is a change agent, a community leader a game changer and solution provider. A man who prays can lead not only his family but his country. He will be all that God calls out in him, he will be a reflection of his father, and he will love you like Christ loved the church. If it scares you to think about it, imagine that it scares him even more. Don’t run away from a guy who prays, instead, become a girl who prays.

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