Sons of God

Written by On Saturday, 4th October 2014

1 John 3:1a Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God:

I have been mulling over this scripture for a couple of months now, actually much longer to be quite honest. I don’t know if you are like me, but once in a while i read some scriptures that really take a while to sink in because they are sooo ‘deep’ and ‘powerful’.

What’s up with that by the way? What is it that makes one word ‘powerful’ and another not? That phrase irkes me alot these days.. any way...I digress.

3 Things That Are True About God.

Written by On Tuesday, 1st July 2014

I feel so fortunate to have the knowledge of God available to me. Our God is a pleasure to know. He is just wonderful. 


You know, I know God is there every time I meet someone and they describe him to me just the same way I know him. There are often so many descriptions of God that it at times seems that he really has no personality but when you meet someone and they describe the same God you know, then you know it's true. 

Here are a few things we know about our God. These are things we often forget and it is to our peril. 


Written by On Friday, 20th June 2014

Nathanael: a true Israelite. That’s what Yeshua had called him, a man without an ounce of deception. These were the first words that he had heard from this man that had come to mean so much to him. He still remembered that hot afternoon just as if it was yesterday, his friend Philip had come running looking for him claiming to have found the Messiah. At first he didn’t believe him, he thought it was one of those tricks they had played on each other before. But when he met the Rabbi that afternoon, he knew He was different. He had known then that Yeshua was the Son of God or the son of a god at the very least; and he had believed him and not just because Yeshua had seen him in a vision sitting under the tree where he had been shading from the scorching sun. He looked into Yeshua’s eyes that afternoon and he knew, he just knew. He had never been able to explain it beyond that.

Did not our hearts burn?

Written by On Wednesday, 21st May 2014

Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the scriptures? Luke 24:32

Spoken by one of the two disciples on the way to Emmaus, the two had had an encounter with Jesus himself right after the resurrection. Jesus walked with them on the road and showed them how everything written in the Laws of Moses, the prophets and the psalms were about him. This must have been an exposition message and a half; to be able to understand how Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection were a fulfillment of the Old Testament teachings. You almost wish that they would have recorded in writing this conversation that caused their hearts to burn.

Noah the movie: Three truths!

Written by On Monday, 12th May 2014

When I saw the trailer I was instantly hooked, I started counting down to the Kenya premier. It wasn’t long before the internet was flooded with  everything that was wrong with it; from its flawed theology to the outright lack of creativity. In fact one blogger simply said.

‘’ Don’t bother watching it, it’s a complete waste of money!’’

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