A Lament for those who wait

Written by On Monday, 17th February 2020

I have been doing what seems like seating here waiting for the lights to change.

Counting blinks and breathes.

Hoping and praying every second, every minute that you would come and that you would move.

It has been silent, the lights are still red and am still here.

Here in this place where I thought I would never be, didn’t want to be

And the waiting room, this space of waiting has been stifling wanting an answer, I moved from wanting a yes to just wanting any answer so I could move, turn back or go forward.

But am still here. And where are you?

At the begining of the year I talked about going up a certain mountain. As I walked down the mountain I was sure about one thing that God wanted me to do. To write a devotional on the Gospel of John based on what God had been teaching me and showing over several years. There is a common string of thoughts that I saw as I read and listened to the Gospel of John but I was not sure how to communicate it. This is what has become of it, I can only pray that there is some justice done to it.

What would it look like if you studied the word as you would for an important exam?

I have been mulling for a while over this question. As a student, I prided myself in having a high level of diligence in preparing for both class and an exam. However, it would seem that I was not giving the Bible the same level of attention but I was somehow expecting that the truth of the word would come into my heart via some sort of osmosis process. Does this sound familiar?


It does not have to be an actual physical mountain but if you can get something close to it, why not?

I recently visited such a place within these very corners of Kenya; a beautiful place that depicts the very meaning of what a prayer mountain ought to be. Tucked up almost discreetly off the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway, it’s a place they say where Divinity meets Humanity.

As you walk towards the highest point of the prayer mountain you will find a small Chapel aptly called the Mt. Sinai Chapel. It was while I stood next to this Chapel that God talked to me and showed me the role of the Mountain as I flipped the Bible pages chapter by chapter through the book of Exodus.

The irony of it was not lost on me.

Reckless love.

Written by On Saturday, 24th November 2018

In my high school days there was a book we referred to as ‘the pop book’. This book was a simple exercise book with newspaper cuttings glued onto its pages. The newspaper cuttings were mainly song lyrics and images of the pop artists to the songs. The books varied in size but the contents remained the same.

The present day equivalent of owning this book is having a Mac book in campus. The owners of this book sat on high and lofty pedestals. In our eyes they were masters of grandeur matters entertainment. Naturally I wanted to be like them. To I achieve this dream I would from time to time borrow the book and study  lyrics (for some reason that isn’t apparent right now hehe).

Say on a random Tuesday evening I wanted to sate my urge to peruse the pop book. I would respectfully approach the owner with my arms neatly tucked on my back. With my head bowed I would then make my request in a soft tone. Patiently then I would wait for a reply. A positive reply would see me spread out my arms to receive the pop book followed by a dramatic expression of great gratitude. A negative response would still get me mumbling a thank you. On the days when I didn't get the pop book I spent hours plotting on how i would put together my own pop book after high school.

After school I encountered YouTube lyrical videos and that dream of owning a pop book withered. That said I few weeks past I came across the lyrics to the song ‘Reckless love.’

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